Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Neighbors

I have griped a lot about my new neighbors over on my regular Facebook because for me personally they are very annoying. They talk very loud, they drink and smoke out on their back deck and their back porch light is like a massive stationary search light that floods my back yard with light making it difficult for me to go out there and get some fresh air and decompress. They always want to talk and my most favorite thing of all was the conversation I had with them where they had all kinds of nasty things to say about mental illness. I stood silently as they went off about "crazy people" and I laughed to myself because if they only knew, they have a regular asylum living next door to them.

In addition to that, our houses are pretty close together and they have a big picture window that the previous neighbor would keep the curtains closed on so we would feel like we had some privacy when we went out our back door or stood in our kitchen. Well, that is just not to be anymore. They love to open that curtain and keep the lights on and best of all, if they are looking out the window when we go by, they want to wave and be friendly. I guess you could say I'm a pretty anti-social person, at least when I'm home and I am most interested in my privacy and in avoiding any conversation with anyone. All of this I can survive though. I'm annoyed but I'll survive.

The problem lies with what their moving in has done to Thomas. That curtain they leave open that I mentioned? Well, that window looks directly into Thomas' bedroom window. Take my annoyance and his paranoia and that is what he now lives with. I feel terrible for him because he's trying so hard to get better and then these people move in and invade his world making it harder for him to keep his paranoia at home at a manageable level.

Then yesterday, the worst possible thing happened. They had workers of all kinds there but the one that caused the biggest problem were the Dish Network guys. They milled around between our yard's and I avoided the whole situation, again because I didn't need to have a conversation with a bunch of strangers but after they left, I went out my back door and was stopped in my tracks. Right outside my back door, right directly and just above Thomas' bedroom window, they had installed a massive satellite dish. No big deal right? I mean it's just a dish and aside from, for me, it being an eyesore, it's no biggie.

For, Thomas, his first fledgling delusions came when he looked to the hills surrounding our town and somehow decided that all of the antenna's and dish's up there were there to track him. For years, and even now, he believed that. Now, outside of his bedroom window there is this massive dish beaming God knows what, in his mind, to God knows where (probably the government) and now his paranoia is increasing again. You should see him when we walk out the back door of the house. It's as if their is an evil, living gargoyle perched on the roof just above his head. He side-eye's it and tries his best to circle around it which is just about impossible given that there is probably 8-10 feet between our houses. I feel horrible for him.

Naturally I would love to tear that offender off the roof of the house and if Thomas gets sicker I may seriously plan it's demise but for now, I'll leave it alone. My mom told me I should say something to them and see if they will move it but when I repeated to her what I would have to say (my son has paranoid schizophrenia and is quite sick right now and that dish you just installed is making his paranoia worse. Could you please move/remove it?) can you imagine THAT conversation?

So, for now Thomas has his curtains closed. He is now locked in a cave which I hate for him and leaving the house has now become a true test of his resolve.

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