Sunday, January 05, 2014

The Jingling of the Tag (A Poem)

He is lost inside himself
his brain is dead he says.
His life's become an empty void
his zest for life is gone.

We took a drive at his request
to find a place of peace
We rode along in silence, music our company
but underneath the 40's tunes I heard a jingling.

With each silent moment with each bump we hit
the sound grew louder in my mind.
And there it was the reminder of
the reason we were on that drive.

The dog tag that I had bought for him
worn around his neck with words of truth etched in.
I thought about the reason it was there
and felt the pain creep in.

His silence in the car, his expressionless face
his anxiety that could not be reigned in.
I wanted to forget for just a moment
but the jingling wouldn't let me.

Schizophrenia robbed my son and I
of a life we'd dreamed for him.
The meds to treat it, the side effects
are too much for him to bear.

A sunny day along the river
a silent ride for peace.
An attempt to run from insidious illness
was futile in it's plan.

We rode along in silence with the jingling of the tag
the glaring cruel reminder
that escape from this monster is impossible.
My son is a shell, he's lost inside and I miss him terribly.

by Melanie Jimenez

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