Monday, January 27, 2014

Social Media And Schizophrenia

This morning I am a little bit choking back nausea because some things happened over the weekend with Thomas that concern me a great deal. It seems he has become prolific on his social media, freely sharing his views on world issues and feelings about himself. It turns out he has been staying up till 2am playing on his new computer and feels compelled to write things that he truly feels and believes. I think the late hour and the fact that he's alone with himself is giving him some sort of freedom in his mind to let loose.

The problem is, as I well know from writing this blog, the minute you put your feelings out there they are PUBLIC. Oftentimes you can't take them back or even delete them and you pay the price for that when your views are extreme or polarizing. What Thomas is saying is of grave concern to me because he is saying things that are extremely unpopular about world history and then also his own current view on politics. I'm extremely concerned about him and his state of mind. You should see him though during the day. After the first posting about how he's feeling, I checked in with him and he said he was ok but there was nothing about his posting that said he was ok. Then this morning, after last night's posting, I haven't gotten a chance to check in with his mood but I know from past experience on this particular subject that he has denied to me believing in this stuff and yet there it was in black and white this morning, a statement so gruesome about an event in history that clearly shows that he believes these things to be true contrary to what he tells me. His illness is becoming clarified over this last weekend and it isn't good.

I worry even more because of the most recent story in the news about the young man (19 years old like Thomas) who went into a mall and shot 2 people. I listened to the national news last night and they talked about how the police searched the home of this young man (who incidentally lives with his mom like Thomas does) and found things in his room that showed that he was obviously a disturbed young man (wouldn't the police find similar things in Thomas' room and on his social media right now given what I've seen over the weekend?). I'm not saying Thomas is going to shoot anyone, I fully believe he never will since in his life he has only been self destructive but that news story brings to light some of my greatest worries and concerns about Thomas over this last weekend. Here he is putting concerning information out on social media and he's setting himself up for scrutiny not just from his friends but from family and anyone else who might look into his presence on social media.

Needless to say, I have forwarded all of his postings to his therapist and psychiatrist and I have now placed it in their hands as to what to do with this stuff. In my humble opinion the clozaril is far from doing it's job and I believe Thomas continues to sink further into his illness as the days and weeks pass. I am worried for him. I was worried before based on what I knew to be true about him and I worry even more now because he's going public with what's really in his mind.

What is a parent of a young man living with schizophrenia supposed to do in this situation? It became evident to me a while ago that I am powerless to change Thomas' views on things so in the absence of my influence on him, what can be done?

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