Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Magician

I was watching a special on TV last night about David Blaine. For those of you who don't know who he is, he is a magician and endurance artist (to name a couple things) and he does the most amazing (and kind of freaky) tricks. This post is going to take you into a different area of thought because as I sat there and watched him it made me think about how what he does could somehow relate to schizophrenia. He is very good with working with mind over matter and teaching people about connections to each other that are invisible but that he can "manipulate". He totally freaks me out but at the same time, especially last night, he made me think.

What he did that piqued my interest was an "experiment" in connections. He had the actor Will Smith and his wife Jada Pinket-Smith each close their eyes one at a time. First Jada closed her eyes and David pushed Will's shoulder. The room was silent and Jada had no way of knowing that David had just pushed her husband. When she opened her eyes David asked her if she had felt anything. She said she had felt someone touch her shoulder. David asked her to expand on that and she admitted that it was her right shoulder. She was spot on and it seems that through Will she had felt the touch even though she, herself, had not been touched at all. David went on to do this to a couple other people and all had the same experience. What the experiment showed was the amazing connection that we have to each other, something outside of the physical that exists somewhere in the ether.

That experiment made me think of two things. First about tactile hallucinations. Let me first say this is all just my mind pondering something that seems completely impossible in theory but having witnessed what happened it seemed to me to gain some validity. My question is this, is it possible that for some people with certain kinds of tactile hallucinations (probably not the bugs crawling on the skin one) that they are born of a human connection being made somewhere? I know this is pretty far out there but it does make you wonder a little bit.

Even closer to my heart is what Thomas experiences. He often tells me that he hears me calling his name or talking to him. As you well know by now, he and I are extremely close and often when we are in different rooms or different places I think about him, often talk to him, or about him with God. Is it possible, even a little bit, that he's "hearing" me talk to him because I'm actually, in my mind, talking to him? I have never delved deeper into the content of what he hears because he, most times, doesn't want to talk about his hallucinations but gosh, after watching David Blaine's show, I really have to wonder.

I know that the hallucinations in schizophrenia are multifaceted and often don't fall on the side of a positive experience but I really can't help but wonder about the source of those hallucinations. Forgive me for possibly sounding like an idiot here but that show really got me thinking. On the "saner" side of things, often my mother and I experience pain and emotion at the exact same time but blocks apart. It is only later when we talk about how we felt that we discover that each other were feeling those same things. Oftentimes we will call each other at the exact same time or text similar comments out of the blue.

So I guess I just wonder about hallucinations a little bit. Could SOME of them be born of something like I'm talking about here? Could some of them be coming from somewhere else that we are connected to but don't know that we are? I tend to fall on the side that some of them possibly do but for all of your grounded people, I probably sound crazy myself right now but one thing's for sure. I've seen it in action in my life, I saw it in action on that TV special last night and I'm open enough to think that it's possible that connection to something or someone out there might be a source of hallucinatory experience.

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