Thursday, September 12, 2013

Update On Thomas & My Dad

Hi! I have to say that I am happy to be back here in front of my computer and not on my tablet in some cramped, sad hospital room. A little bit of normalcy is very much needed after the events of the last week+.

First, thank you all for your kindness and caring and for letting me off the hook from the page for a few days while I got back on my feet. When I read each of your messages to me as they rolled in I cried because it meant so much to me that you cared. I'm hoping it won't be long before I can get back "in the groove" and begin writing regularly again.

A quick update on my dad. He is out of the hospital and as of today is in a rehabilitation facility. He has a long recovery ahead of him. I just got back from a meeting with all of the department heads of the rehab facility and they're saying that it'll be a tentative 4-6 week stay for my dad but maybe longer. While this is heartbreaking for us because every time we leave my dad he thinks we're leaving him in there forever, it's also very positive because we know he is in EXCELLENT hands while we're not there. So, right now I am finally breathing a little better after so many days of forgetting to come up for air.

As for Thomas, where do I begin? Let me just say this for now. He is struggling and rides a rollercoaster of changes in mood where he's reasonably ok and then in the depths of depression and agitation. Some of it I'm attributing to the chaos going on with my dad and the fact that I'm in and out of the house a lot lately and am not home with him (which he says he's hating) but a lot of it was there before all of this began with my dad. There is so much to say and not a lot of time at the moment to say it all. The picture I can paint of what I see from my perspective is a young man under an immense amount of stress. His face is completely broken out in acne (it had pretty much cleared up there for a few months) and he's got a look in his eyes that's blank but also a bit like he's fighting some inner demons and trying his best to keep them from escaping. I sat with him today in the waiting room of the doctor's (there's a change in meds I'll talk about later) and I looked at him and he looked exactly like the night I sat in the E.R. with him...very focused on a point in front of him, dead calm and expressionless and quiet. There is obviously something getting to him but true to form, he's not talking. It's ok, I'm trying to give him some space to find the words and all of his professional people are keeping a close eye on him. We're coming up on the anniversary of his first hospitalization and diagnosis of schizophrenia so admittedly I'm on high alert and it doesn't help that he seems to slowly be going to a bad place. I have to wonder if the season change has anything to do with it at all or if this is just the way it is, the natural course.

At any rate, I need to close this posting and get him off to therapy now. I should be back in the game here on the page a little more as the next week progresses so I'll be back letting you know how Thomas is doing.

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