Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Wave Of Panic

Oh my gosh, just oh my gosh!!!!!! I just about died of a heart attack just now.

I was sitting here at my desk working on this page and Thomas' cat wandered meowing into Thomas' room. Moments later I heard this weird sniffing sound. I ignored it for a fraction of a second and then turned around to see the cat running from Thomas' room. The sniffing sound got louder and everything in me told me to get into Thomas RIGHT NOW. We live in a small house. The walk from my desk to his room is short.

The panicked run is even shorter.

It's funny how in a scary situation time slows down. In the second that it took me to get to Thomas' room I had decided that he was having a seizure because I could see movement in his room and that sniffing sound had a sort of rhythm to it. With the diagnosis made, I then prepared myself for the horror of coming around the corner to find my boy in the middle of a seizure. I can't tell you, unless you've been there yourself, how in a moment's time, in a crisis situation, you make all of these decisions, envision the absolute worst and then prepare yourself for it. I've been in these sorts of situations enough in the last year that I've become quite adept at operating in crisis mode.

Now that I've effectively scared all of you too, what I found was Thomas hunched over his trash can mopping up a serious bloody nose and the sniffing sound I heard was him trying to stop it. I stood there trying to sort out in my mind why he was just sitting there and not writhing on his bed and he looked up at me. I must have had panic written all over my face because he looked at me and he said,

"Mom, it's just a bloody nose."

Then the wave of panic that had chased me down the hallway to his room washed over me and I had to sit down on the edge of his bed. All I can say is, even though there was a lot of blood, we are used to bloody noses. He gets them all the time, especially now that he works in the dusty environment of the woodshop at work.

I'm back at my desk now, my boy is safe and sound and now I can work towards regaining a normal heart rate. Oh my gosh. Seriously. Ugh. Thank God he's ok.

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