Wednesday, July 17, 2013


My thoughts today came out of that movie that I recommended called "Strange Voices". In the movie the mom was asking the director of the hospital where she was going to send her daughter if her being around other people with schizophrenia would make her worse. I was surprised that she asked that because I thought I was kind of alone in my concern with that. I'm a member of a closed support group that consists of people with schizophrenia and their family members and at one point in time one community member was posting his fears that were the same as Thomas' and I thought to myself that that group would not be such a great place for Thomas since he shares those same fears and I know how easily he could become influenced and subsequently terrified and back fighting off his hallucinations and delusions. So, for now, I'm not recommending the group to him. However, I talked with a couple people in the group who also have schizophrenia and they have offered up support for Thomas and have since become wonderful support and one has become a much appreciated by me, mentor for Thomas.

I am new to this illness and I'll admit that there are parts of me that think from the dark ages about it and I'm not proud of that and am working to change that and the idea that one person with the illness could make another worse is one of those ways of thinking. Thankfully though, the people that have stepped up have priceless offerings that I couldn't give Thomas myself by virtue of the fact that I don't have this illness and don't really know what it's like other than what I see in Thomas myself.

Just like in the movie where the director of the hospital said people with schizophrenia actually help each other and are better for it, that has now been my personal experience. I am stepping out of the dark ages and embracing that Thomas now has a support network of people that share with him what I will never be able to give him.

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