Tuesday, July 09, 2013

He's Working.

Nothing on this earth makes me happier than seeing Thomas covered in sawdust and dirt and smiling after a long, hard day of work.


He's working...on his own...at a real job...without me hovering...and he gets in the car after work sounding like an excited kid that has a secret he can't wait to tell and then what spills forth is a rapidly, excitedly spoken story about how he built a picni
c table and started work on a new bench. He smiles and his eyes sparkle. Then, as the car grew silent, he piped up and said, "I love you mom."

I may wake up depressed, I may go through my day feeling like I'm walking in mud, but picking Thomas up and having him look and sound healthy takes all of it away for a while.

I. Am. Grateful.

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