Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Ok, I know I'm getting sickening with this but I can't help it right now. The thing is, I thought when Thomas went into his first hospitalization that his life was over. I got terrible news over and over about how, on his current trajectory at the time, that he was going to end up in prison by the time he was 23 or that he was never going to get well. I watched as my dreams for my son were slowly and gruesomely murdered by various "experts" in their field. I didn't think I'd see Thomas graduate high school let alone ever see some semblance of sanity in him. Now, day after day, he comes home from a good solid day's work, tired and dirty but happy and healthy and I can't help but be immeasurably grateful for every single second of my time with him from the moment he gets in the car after work excitedly talking about what woodwork he did that day all the way until he goes into his room when we get home.

So, again, tonight I am grateful for the signs of health and happiness in my son.

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