Monday, July 01, 2013


Tonight I am grateful for the vocational rehab program that has given Thomas some purpose and the ability to say that he has a job (this while friends of his still struggle to find employment). He came away from work today happy, soaked in water (it's 109 degrees here and he was hot while working and had poured water over himself) and excitedly talking about the bench he and "Doc" had stained today. I know the water thing means nothing to you guys but to me what I saw was a young man who acknowledged he was hot and in public, poured water over himself to cool off. He always talks about how he's "not in touch with his emotions" and that's usually pretty apparent but the sight of my boy walking to the car from work with a soaked t-shirt was a big brightly lit sign saying he acknowledged his feelings and accurately acted on them. So tonight I'm grateful for the vocational rehab and for my water-soaked, smiling son.

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