Monday, July 01, 2013

Good Monday Morning Everyone!

I'm just writing a quick post today to say that Thomas is doing well (he had a couple of peaceful nights). He went off to work today in a good mood. I asked him how his lunch hour goes because I don't know what he would do with an entire hour with no cell and no computer and lo and behold he eats his lunch and then reads a newspaper!!!!! He reads the paper!!!! LOL this is such a good thing because he's reading the local news and is learning about the area. He told me "Doc" brings the paper and shares it with him. I'm really starting to like this "Doc" person.

My plan for today is to be an actual person and get some housework done and maybe some reading. I'm tired of feeling like I'm on a slippery incline that I run like crazy to get up and then I make it halfway or more and before I can grab the rope I slide back down again. So I'm standing back and considering this obstacle and seeing how I can better navigate it (a.k.a. LIFE). Hopefully today I make some progress in this department.

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