Tuesday, July 02, 2013

"Glass Half Full"

Ok. This is not going to come off as something to be grateful for but I am very "glass half full" right now so I'm finding gratitude in this.

Today was my 4th visit with my new-ish therapist. I will maintain that he is a sweetheart but he informed me today that he "can't help me." Given my life in the last year + and how I've chosen to cope with all of it he felt that the way I'm choosing to cop
e isn't the best thing for me psychologically and because of that he can't be involved in something that isn't helpful for my psychological health. Let me make something clear here. I am not coping by taking drugs or something, how I choose to cope is by sleeping a lot or among other things, blasting my music on my house surround sound every few days loud enough to bug the neighbors (at 5pm in the evening) and sometimes it annoys my family.

So, (as I sit here shaking my head in disbelief) he can't help me.

He hasn't taken my lead when I have said I need someone to talk about what's bothering me (son has schizophrenia, dad had major stroke and brain surgery to name a couple), he has instead given me charts to fill out to regulate how I sleep, listen to music etc. but come to think of it has not ONCE EVER ASKED ME HOW I'M FEELING.

OK. I'll say no more. You get the idea. But tonight I am grateful that I found out that I can't be helped before I bonded to the guy too much and then found out 6 months down the road that he was done trying. There's nothing worse than really caring about someone and then being rejected by them.

Glass half full. This is good.

................alright...someone tell me that there is a therapist out there that can help me though.

I admit it.

I need a little help right about now.

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