Thursday, July 04, 2013

Free Association (a.k.a. rambling, deep thoughts)

Bird Migrations

I'm watching a show called "North America" and they're talking about bird migrations. They said that there are unseen highways above our head, routes that are taken by birds every day just like we drive our interstates. It makes me think, what don't we see that is happening out of our awareness?

I have to believe that there is a reason for this illness, that there is something just beyond our reach that is bringing us towards (dare I dream?) a cure someday. THERE MUST BE A REASON FOR IT ALL. And our brave warriors, those of you with this illness, are a part of all of us coming to recognize reason and meaning in the suffering that you and those of us who love you go through.

All I can do, as Thomas's mom, and your friend, is put some faith in those invisible forces all around us that are moving in time with reason and meaning, bringing us closer to a better understanding, a better day, a better future.

I have hope right now.

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