Saturday, July 27, 2013

Crippling Isolation

Guess where I am again? I am currently sitting in my car in my driveway, music blasting, having just dropped Thomas off at a friend's house and I'm full of information from inside his head that now that I've heard it I am sitting here stock still trying to catch my breath. I sit here in my car in a dream state looking around at my neighbor's houses and realizing how they have no clue about what Thomas deals with, what I deal with. It's a very lonely place knowing unimaginable things that have just come out of my son's mouth and not feeling like I can talk to anyone about it. This illness really has a knack for taking an otherwise solidly standing on both feet person and knocking them to the ground along with clenching their heart and stealing their breath.

I hate this illness. Hate. It.

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