Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Vocational Rehab

With my son leaving high school the State of Idaho offered what is called vocational rehabilitation. My son is considered disabled by state standards so because of that, they offer help in finding a job or getting in to college. It's a really cool program and since we live in a small-ish town the counselor representing the state knows us when I call and is very helpful.

Yesterday I called him to see what he could do for my son for the summer where jobs are concerned. We set up a meeting for next week and talked a little and he told me a little about what would happen for my son.

First they will offer a work evaluation which means they will test my son in various skills and ask him what he likes and doesn't like to do. Then based on those results they will set him up with 2 job finding services in the area and they'll find something that fits his needs. It's very cool and a huge help because just going out and looking for a job isn't easy when you have to consider this illness.

I told the counselor about a recent TV show I had watched called "Undercover Boss". In it, the boss from Subway went into one of his shops and worked as a regular employee. At one point in the show there were timers going off, bread finishing baking at different rates of speeds, customers to help, and condiments to be stocked. The young kid managing the shop started ordering the undercover boss around and the boss was freaking out from the stress and repeated commands and the timers going off and being yelled at by his employee. It was utter chaos. That kind of thing cannot happen to my son. It just can't. Especially in a repeated daily onslaught as I imagine it would be like. I worked at McDonald's when I was my son's age and that was such a stressful job and tested me most days and knowing my son, nothing like that would be helpful to him or his illness. He would last about 2 days, if that, and would spiral into another episode. Consequently the counselor said to me referring to job opportunities, "OK, no fast food then."

Yeah, exactly.

So my son is set up to be evaluated. He is very excited. Me, not so much, especially so close to having been just released from the hospital and having spent weeks fighting for his sanity prior to that. I figure going to meet with the counselor is fine and anything beyond that we'll have to play by ear. What I've got right now though is a young man feeling better, graduated from high school, and wanting to build a super gaming computer so he is pulling at the reins to get a job, make some money, and start life. I'm trying to tell him that healing from psychosis takes time, that he's only a few days into feeling better, that he's new to the medication he's on, and that the computer can wait. None of this he heard and I am not his favorite person right now.

That's ok, I can live with it. Whether he knows it or not, it's not time to start jumping into life with both feet and I am uninterested in rushing him into life either.

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