Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Safe Harbor

Thomas and I went to our meeting with vocational rehab and it went really well. The counselor outlined what to expect in the coming days and frankly it scares me to death for Thomas but he is very excited. For the life of me, it takes everything I've got to let him go free with this one. I'm doing it, I will, I'll probably come home and vomit after I drop him off for his work evaluation on Thursday but I am setting him free. It goes against the grain of what I think should be happening but if I don't let him take risks and try then what kind of mom would I be and what chance does he have to move forward in the world? I can't let my concerns hold him back from life...I REFUSE TO.

That said, what will happen is that he will get a month long work evaluation. He will work within this one building trying out new types of jobs every day from sorting bullets from our local bullet factory to folding scrubs for the hospital to taking in donated items from the loading dock and sorting them into the thrift store owned by this particular program, among other things. They will learn his strengths and weaknesses this way and then point him in the direction of places to look for jobs that suit him out in the community. He will then have to go out and get job applications and then this program will do mock interviews with him to get him prepared for the real thing and then once he finds a job they'll offer support like stepping in and offering on the job training so that the employer doesn't have to spend resources doing that. Really, the vocational rehab program does everything to insure that Thomas is successful at his job.

All of these are beautiful and AMAZING things, gifts really, and I hope that he will be successful but even driving home with him today from this meeting, I can see that he's still struggling with his illness and these are things that are going to get in his way with the job. My best friend Steve reminded me though, that he will get experience and whether he's successful or not, he will have learned something for the next time.

So, Thursday is his first day. I am wishing him the very best, I'm trying to prepare him the best that I can with what role I can play and then I am going to launch him out into the world...well, the safe harbor first...let him learn to row, or put up sails, or steer and then he can go out into the world, the wide open ocean.

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