Thursday, June 20, 2013

On The Hunt

For a while now I've wanted to do some reading on the theme of my son's most recent and biggest ever and most debilitating delusion/hallucination that finally landed him in the hospital. What's stopped me is what I would find once I started reading. Admittedly I can be easily creeped out by otherworldly things and while I can keep a grip on reality, it doesn't mean I don't want to avoid these sorts of things if at all possible.

So off I went on the hunt the other day with my proverbial armor on (this theme isn't going to take down 2 of us) and what I found is disturbing. As in all things internet related, once you start looking you are led down a rabbit hole and everywhere you turn is some new facet or understanding or TRAP to make you believe these things are real. If you don't go in with a healthy mind and frankly, some courage, then it's very easy to get wrapped up in the fake reality that people have put out there to suck someone in to believing these things are real.

What concerned me most is that the way things are written is a bit like a broken circle. While you go around from fact to fact you are brought back to the beginning but just left of center of the it. This is where someone with schizophrenia, like my son, might fall into the trap and the reality some internet trolls have painted, easily becomes Thomas's reality.

They're good, the "they" being the people that feed this theme and complicate it, and thanks to Photoshop and excellent creative writing even a normally functioning person not fully on guard can see where this could be believable.

Here is my concern for my son. This circular trail (someone wrote down exactly what happens so I was able to better understand it) leads an unhealthy mind round and round with the goal being to drive the person into a corner and subsequently insane. While this might be considered a sport, and fun to some people, what they don't realize (or God forbid maybe they do) is the power that they have in their hands to ACTUALLY DRIVE SOMEONE INSANE. The writings, the pictures, the YouTube videos, the audio clips, all of it were, and still a little bit are, pulling Thomas in and just like being sucked into a whirlpool, he is spinning around and around into a black hole of insanity.

I have read about it now, I am on to them, and thankfully I am aided by a good anti-psychotic medication running through the veins of my vulnerable son and I can start to dismantle this theme for him and maybe give him some relief. No doubt "they" will keep writing and Photo Shopping and YouTubing because it must be kept alive but my hope is that my hunt has yielded a high-value piece of information with which I can arm my son so he can stay here in reality with me.

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