Sunday, May 05, 2013

Support System

There is much to be said about a good support system when you have schizophrenia. My son is 18 and still in high school and if we were to operate on what we see on TV, then the youth of today quite possibly could be unkind to a someone with such a difficult to manage illness. In my son's case though, he has the most beautiful, caring, patient core group of 3-4 friends that love him and are willing to help him reality test by answering his questions (did you hear that voice? Or see that thing?). They do it with patience and caring and have never made fun of him--even coming to his rescue when someone was being a jerk to him and they made that person cease and desist for good. These core, solid friends have stuck with him even with his diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia and together they can laugh and joke sometimes about the crazy things that happen.

My son has a tendency to isolate which is a feature of the illness but I believe what keeps him conquering the real world every day and going to school is knowing that his friends will be there waiting for him, an hour before school starts, to play Magic the card game.

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