Saturday, May 18, 2013

Saturday Afternoon

I have finally made it out of my jammies (at 4:15pm) after being buried for hours in college prep stuff (financial aid, registration, various forms to fill out) for my son. There is no way on the earth he could have done this stuff by himself.

That is one thing that I have had to come to terms with concerning this illness and that is that my son won't be able to do the same t
hings people his same age can do when he's wrapped in psychosis and heavy duty meds.

I imagine that for a while I will orchestrate much of his adult life goals.

I have to ponder as I sit here buried in college paperwork, will he make it to college in the fall? I worry now whether he'll make it to graduation from high school or not. I'm fairly certain he'll get his diploma but I wonder if he'll walk in the graduation ceremony. That still remains to be seen.

It's funny how life narrowed down to planning how to get through a day and everything beyond the dawning of the next day is on a wing and a prayer.

One day at a time. Right?

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