Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Questioning my son

Stress is a trigger for schizophrenic symptoms.

I thought back to yesterday about how he woke from his 15 hour slumber and began enthusiastically setting up his account for all things college and in his inbox he found several emails about every facet of college life from registration to financial aid to tax forms to...well, you name it. He was instantly frozen in place. I asked him to click on one concerning financial aid and it was like talking to a wall. He didn't move a muscle. It was then that I was reminded of one of the critical facets of schizophrenia and that is to limit all "incoming info" (like questions, instructions, emails, input in any form).

So, as a part of the ever changing settling into and accepting of the limitations of the illness, I had to take over managing his college alerts. This is not to say that he is unable to do the things that we all can do, it just means that tackling the stack of emails and sorting out what's important and what isn't should be done really, probably one piece, one day, or one week at a time. I'll get him set up with what he needs to be a thriving college student and absorb the extras to limit his stress levels.

Success in life as someone with schizophrenia is hard fought and is a family/team effort but together and with patience, it can be accomplished.

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