Sunday, May 12, 2013

My Mother's Day

What a day it's been! In the interest of keeping it real for you all, I thought I'd let you know that my son announced to me (rather angrily I might add) that he's going off all of his medications. He's had nosebleeds every morning for a few days and this morning he began blaming them on his meds.

Luckily when I was going through his medications and reading about side effects and just generally freaking out, I remembered that I had started giving him an extra strength omega-3 softgel every day for a week now. The reason remembering this was important is because he's always had nosebleeds on and off his whole fact I've never known another person in my life that has them like he does. I remembered what I had been told by my own doctor and that is that omega-3's have a blood thinning quality to them and since he's prone to nosebleeds then they will make them even more likely to happen.

So, crisis averted. When I told him what I had learned about the omega-3's and that I was going to take him off of them, he was fine again.

I think.

I am fully aware of the tenuous nature of this illness. I know I'll have conversations with him like I did the other night (and subsequently posted for you guys) where he'll want to take his medications and then not even a day later (or even an hour later) that will change. All I can do is have hope and say prayers that he'll agree to do whatever it is that we decide is best for his health but if he changes his mind, then so be it.

We cross each bridge as we come to them. Either way...whether he's walking beside me or in front or behind, we're on the bridge together.

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