Saturday, May 11, 2013

A Conversation With My Son

Last night, after thinking about everything, I decided to take a moment to give my son a voice in case I had let my own emotions take over things. His medication appointment is coming up in a couple of days and I was curious where he stood on the whole issue. The following is the conversation we had:

Me: "Do you feel like you need your meds?"

 Him: "Yes."

 Me: "Do you want to keep taking them?"

 Him: "Yes, I need them."

 Me: "Do you feel like they're helping you?"

 Him: "No, I don't feel like anything is changing."

 Me: "Well, we'll talk to ____ (meds mgr.) on Tuesday and see what he can come up with."

 Him: "O.K."

 Me: "How would you feel if he added more meds?"

 Him: "I would be ok with that because what I'm on right now isn't working."

I can see with the recent turn in his schizophrenia in the last few days that even he wants to not feel scared and terrorized anymore. It wasn't too long ago that he was telling me he didn't want to change anything about his thinking and now after a talk about everything last night (beyond the meds conversation) it is evident that he's ready for change. This is such a good thing for him because deciding he doesn't want to live like this anymore is a step towards better mental health for him.

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